Put People First

Your people know you inside out. Leverage the wisdom of your own personal crowd to create a feedback loop on how your organization operates.

Make the Invisible Visible

How can you know what to fix when you can't see what's broken? Organizational telemetry gives you visibility into the parts of your organization that need attention.

Take Action with Confidence

Okay, so you have the insights. Now what? Waypointr can help you understand which organizational improvements will yield the most value.

Choose your questions

We have great question sets to help you ask the right questions to get the insights you're after.

Ask what experts ask

We have partnered with industry leading consultants to bring you questions that they ask their clients. You could pay hundreds of dollars per hour for their expertise, but why would you?

Go your own way

You know your team better than we do. Customize any question set, or create one from scratch, to get the information that's most important to you.

Assess your team

We have tools to guide you through getting honest feedback from the people who matter most to your success.

Transparency encourages honesty

When people realize they aren't the only ones who think a certain way, they are more likely to speak up. It's not the answers that matter, it's the conversations they provoke.

Frictionless Data Collection

Conversations happen organically when people are free to interact. We've crafted our tools so it's easy to jump into the discussion, whether you're all in one place or distributed across the globe, so you don't spend your time wrestling with technology.

Analyze the results

Do something with your data! We give you the tools to make sense of what your team is saying so you can keep getting better every day.

Spot trends that matter

Sometimes you just have a bad day. We'll help you spot trends in team morale so you know when they are natural, and when you should be concerned.

Learning algorithms

Not only do we keep your history for review, but our algorithms learn how your teams operate and get better at identifying when you should look a little closer.

Companies don’t have ideas. Only people do.

— Margaret Heffernan

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